Mining operations demand quite a bit from their equipment. At Northern Heat Treat Ltd., our team understands that equipment is only as good as the quality of its parts. To that end, our company has developed extensive experience supporting the mining industry since our founding in 1986. As a custom manufacturer and finishing services company, we support this sector through a variety of heat treatment services to generate components that can withstand the punishing pace and weight loads in mining applications. Learn more about annealing and stress relieving, as well as the Northern Heat Treat difference for mining applications.

Benefits of Heat Treatments in Mining

Producing quality products means utilizing reliable and proven heat treatment processes that are optimal for mining applications. At Northern Heat Treat, we offer annealing and stress relieving services, among others.

Annealing is a multi-step heat treatment method that modifies a workpiece’s physical, and sometimes chemical, properties and reduces hardness. It does this by passing metal through recovery, recrystallization, and grain growth stages that essentially restore the metal’s original properties as they were prior to drawing, stamping, bending, cold forming, or other manufacturing procedures. The ultimate goal is the softening of metal materials so that they can withstand deformation without cracking, thereby increasing the material’s machinability. In addition to this enhanced ductility, the process reduces stress on the material for better assurance against breakage, which is also the purpose of stress relieving.

The stress relieving process does not alter the mechanical or chemical properties of a metal. To relieve the stress that can develop during stamping, machining, fineblanking, rolling, or even other heat treatments and correct crystal dislocations within the metal’s microstructure, manufacturers can heat a workpiece uniformly until it reaches the optimal stress relieving temperature. This temperature does not reach the austenitic transformation range. By strategically cooling the metal slowly, the process relieves internal stress that might otherwise distort a final component or keep it from maintaining tight tolerances. This process, too, improves the material’s machinability and lessens the risk of cracking for an enhanced component life span. Both annealing and stress relieving enable higher degrees of part durability for mining applications.

Mining Applications

Some of the key categories for heat treatment applications in the mining industry include:

  • Mining exploration. In this sector, mining companies need to first determine the location of mineral deposits and other materials, as well as whether or not mining operations can feasibly extract them from the earth, before building a mine. This may include processes like surveying, drilling, and testing samples of soil or water.
  • Mining operations. These processes can include the initial construction of the mine; any milling, drilling, extracting, or blasting involved to obtain the mined materials; and hauling those mineral loads out of and away from the mine.
  • Mining equipment. For rough applications, mining equipment needs to be well-designed and manufactured. Also, it requires periodic maintenance and repair to ensure proper and continued functionality.

To support tools and machinery in all aspects of mining industry applications, some of the precision components that we produce include:

  • Pins
  • Bushings
  • Adapters
  • Weldments
  • Latches
  • Drivers
  • Drill rods

Key Service Features: Mining

In the mining industry, volume is exceedingly important, and the sector requires equipment that can dependably withstand heavy loads and high material amounts. Time is another crucial factor, so high-performance components that won’t break down in the middle of a job are essential.

At Northern Heat Treat, our facility has the capacity for both low- and high-volume projects. In fact, we are proud to offer the highest capacity for induction hardening in our area. Our services also offer the mining industry a degree of versatility, as our team can handle large mining components in addition to small ones. Perhaps most importantly, we strive to meet key industry quality standards, maintaining an ISO 9001 certification as part of that commitment.

Mining Industry Services at Northern Heat Treat Ltd.

At Northern Heat Treat, we supply a wide range of services to generate high-performance products that serve the mining industry. All of our parts and services are compliant with industry standards to ensure reliable functionality in even the most rugged of applications. In addition to annealing and stress relieving, our core services include:

  • Air hardening
  • Case hardening
  • Induction hardening
  • Through hardening
  • Straightening
  • Testing

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